Developing managerial skills

Many surveys confirm that most of the employees who leave their occupation, do leave especially because of their boss. They take with them their skills, talent and experience. Therefore, companies all around the world invest into developing managerial skills from the lowest up to the highest level. To be a good manager is art possible to learn. Art of management, performance motivation, providing feedback, evaluating of employees, team development, change control management and handling further complex tasks places considerable demands on manager’s ability to master wide range of knowledge and skills.

We offer you complex programme of education in managerial skills that will help you to better use your potential and potential of your employees as well.

What areas do we target?

  • Evaluation of employees
  • Creative solving of problems
  • Leadership
  • Motivation to performance
  • Strengthening stress resiliency
  • Providing of feedback
  • Practical techniques for problem solving
  • Group problem solving
  • Change control management
  • Time management
  • Typology of organization according to MBTI
  • Typology of personality according to MBTI
  • Leading of meetings
  • Leading of the team
  • Internal communication
  • Basics of delegation
  • Project management basics

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