Assessment Centre and Development Centre

Assessment/Development Centres (hereafter AC/DC) are used for selection of suitable candidates for individual jobs and for assessment of working or managerial potential of current employees to help with their further development or promotion.

AC/DC methodology offers a valid assessment of competences necessary for quality work performance. This is being achieved through psycho diagnostic testing, competency interviews and individual or group tasks (for example model situations, role playing, and case studies). Relevance of this approach, which is based on know-how of experienced personnel advisors and psychologists, has been proven by a long-time practice in Czech conditions. Structure of individual AC/DC is designed in accordance with a competency model of the given job.

What do you gain?

  • Acquiring valid information about behaviour, attitudes, knowledge and skills of a candidate.
  • Reducing a risk of choosing the wrong candidate for a vacancy.
  • Information about staff working potential for the purpose of their promotion or career planning.

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