Staff assessment, development and career plans formation

Management of staff working performance and identification of their development needs is one of the managers´ most difficult personnel tasks. As a helping hand we offer well-processed analytical methodology for staff assessment based on comparing the required competences (soft and professional) with competences of a specific employee. This is by far just filling in of evaluation forms, because this tool also emphasises personal assessment interviews that help better and deeper understanding of employees’ involvement in the whole management process and functioning of an organisation and they to understand their development or career needs and options.

Our experts will not only adapt the assessment methodology to the customer´s conditions and will train the managers on how to realise an employee assessment correctly, but they will also implement practical software tool (PERSYT), which realises and simplifies this activity comprehensively. The software allows direct superiors to carry out an assessment, self-assessment or career and development plans formation. It is also possible to implement a 360° method.

What do you gain?

  • Modern methodology for staff assessment including software solution.
  • Active management of subordinates´ working performance.
  • Information for efficient use of resources on staff development.
  • Source materials for salary motivation.
  • Identification of training needs based on a competency model.
  • Setting up of communication between an employee and his/her manager in the area of an employee development and working performance.
  • Feedback for an employee.

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