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We have been operating at the market for 15 years and for this whole period we offer to our clients services with professionality supported by accreditation, authorization and certification with the aim to optimally meet the expectations and to satisfy customer needs in the following areas: health and safety security at work, fire safety, hygiene, environment, quality, testing, laboratories, revisions, etc. If you add to these features high flexibility and responsiveness to every customer’s impulse in real time, it is credible description of the company ENVIFORM.

K3 Bohumín, contributory organization

K3 Bohumín was established in 2007 by the merger of cultural agency and the city library. In Bohumín, the K3 has interconnected culture, cinema and library (with 90 years of tradition) under one entity. Today it has 16 internal employees and additional 50 external collaborators. With an annual budget of 15.8 million Czech crowns it implements 1130 public events from major cultural open air events through concerts, theater and digitally projecting 2D and 3D films, educative events, lectures, discussions and courses for adults. Annual K3 actions are visited by 185 000 people, which means that every inhabitant of Bohumín visits them 8 times in average. In addition, the organization carries out almost a hundred events per year as an order for turnkey or subcontracting that appeals to another approximately 25 000 visitors. In independent benchmarking in 2013 Bohumín library was evaluated as the fifth best library in the country in category "City from 20 to 40 thousand inhabitants.

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