How to become a partner

You might have tried out the tool for workplace power assessment with a positive result (see online tools), maybe you have known for a long time that your workplace is simply powerful. Take another step and become a partner of a development programme Powerful workplace.

How? By successful completion of a certification process that leads towards awarding a brand “Powerful workplace”. Each powerful workplace becomes a “partner” for us. Partner who professes decency in business and as such it is promoted by our programme.

How does the certification process work?

It all starts by a non-committal meeting of one of the guarantors for the development programme Powerful workplace (see Contacts) with a representative of a company interested in entering the certification process. The guarantor clarifies the certification conditions and procedures to the interested party and in case the authorised person shows further interest they can then agree specific conditions of realization.

Certification process consists of two parts:

  • Input survey among a representative sample of staff (approx. 15 minutes)
  • In-depth interviews with selected employees (approx. 1 hour per person)

Objective of the survey is to acquire basic information about strengths and weaknesses of a workplace from a representative sample of staff. Information acquired this way are subsequently deepened through interviews that give us detailed information about individual areas (particularly those that show less favourable results) and therefore can become a precious incentive for further development of a workplace.

What can you gain thanks to the certification process?

Regardless the certification process outcome, you will get:

  • Better recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation based on views of a representative sample of your staff,
  • Follow-up information for areas with less favourable outcomes and
  • Recommending measures for further development of your organisation from the Powerful workplace guarantors´ points of view.

In case of a successful certification process completion you can further get:

  • Brand "Powerful workplace" for your organisation for 2 years with an option of its further extension,
  • Visualisation tools of your powerful workplace inside and outside organisation (photopictures with the powerful workplace values, promotional items of your powerful workplace and other),
  • Status of a Powerful workplace programme partner and associated opportunity to have your organisation promoted on the Internet, social networks, in media and also at various social and specialised events.

Contact us

If you are interested in receiving further information or in a non-committal meeting regarding the certification process, write to us.

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