Audit of staff capacity utilisation

Increasing productivity while lowering costs is the key towards lasting prosperity and competitiveness of each company. One of the ways of reaching this objective is an audit of staff capacity utilisation when we analyse utilisation of workforce in a production, in supporting activities and also in administration to identify whether the ratio is balanced out in accordance to a performance of individual constituents.

What do you gain?

  • We map running times of activities to be able to shorten production cycles.
  • We optimise working procedures; we eliminate duplicate and non-effective activities.
  • We identify “narrow spaces” of production operations and we suggest suitable measures.
  • We carry out audit of existing work and performance norms, whether they are in conformity with standards in the given segment.
  • We create time normative and life work consumption norms (volume norm, time norm and operation norm), including their integration into a company´s catalogue.
  • We suggest ways of more effective utilisation of machinery and production line capacities.

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