Financing of projects from European and national resources

We provide complex services in the area of acquiring sources of subsidies for private as well as public sector from European, national and foundation sources. These services include current state analysis of a company and finding optimal variant of an endowment product, processing of project source-materials, processing of applications according to the grantor´s requirements and follow-up activities related to project realisation (processing of payment requests, preparing source-materials for tenders and their realisation, processing of monitoring and final reports etc.)

What do you gain?

  • Development of a company and increase of competitiveness at the market thanks to acquisition of new technologies, reconstruction of a production space, energy cost decrease, increasing qualification level of company´s staff.
  • Finding suitable endowment source for your project and helping with its formation, realisation and monitoring during its whole “lifecycle”.
  • Time saving of company´s own employees through providing a complex project administration during its realisation and monitoring after the project ends.

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