Analytical assessment of work and working positions

Correct assessment of performed working activities and their comparison with others is an integral part of a fair remuneration system of each company. For assessment we are using system that monitors how labouring, demanding and difficult the given job is and responsibility of the given job and all these factors are summarised under one number (point value of work). Working positions are assessed by an integrated, systematic and formalised way and the outcomes bear maximum objectivity. Thanks to this it is easy to compare individual positions, to set a “work price” rate, or to suggest tariff salary levels. For the actual assessment we use a verified by practice tool (methodical-software).

What do you gain?

  • Strengthening of elements of an internal fair remuneration system.
  • Objective assessment and comparison of working positions, including classification into tariff levels.
  • Unique assessment system with a software support.
  • Methodical support of experienced specialists.

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