Managerial psycho diagnostics

Team and department results depend particularly on the manager and on his/her identification with the role of a manager. His/her task is to achieve the defined objectives via management, motivation and team harmonisation. Fulfilling of these objectives largely depends on his/her personal characteristics and on competences that she/he has. Do you know how are your managers doing in this respect? We offer testing of managerial potential through psycho diagnostic tests tuned according to your needs. In our standard we test performance motivation, problem solving, and managerial style, social strategy in interaction with other people, preferred team roles, stress/load resiliency and self-reflection.

Battery of the tests usually contains approximately 5-8 tests and its outcome is a psycho diagnostic report supplemented by graphics. Within the final report handover it is also possible to utilize personal interpretation and a follow up consultation led by an experienced job psychologist.

What do you gain?

  • Characteristics of personality traits and competences of a manager that influence his/her behaviour and performance.
  • Verification of managerial potential for the purposes of further training and career growth.

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