Competency models

Nowadays we can see more and more that working performance is not linked to what a person had studied but to what he/she knows and can do. Each job requires different knowledge, skills and attitudes that mean competences. Equally, people differ from the point of their competences. How is it possible to recognise and describe necessary requirements for the performance of individual positions? And what to do to choose the right people for these positions? Who should be promoted and who has reached the maximum of his/her potential? These questions can be answered by competency models that express a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values most suitable for the given position.

There is a whole scale of competency model types as well as methods for their formation. Choosing the most suitable one depends particularly on the requirements and needs of an organisation, which decides to use competency models. Formation of competency models enables application of a holistic approach towards human resources management based on competences (income of employees, their assessment, education and development, promotion etc.), this facilitates work of managers and personnel managers and contribute towards strengthening and promotion of company´s values. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable competency model type for your organisation and on a basis of respective methodology they will also form them and implement them into the given personnel processes.

What do you gain?

  • Improvement of selection process because competency models provide exact description of the criteria that a candidate must know and be able to do, what personal traits he/she should have to be employed.
  • Valid information about an employee´s performance and how has the taken on employee adopted all the necessary knowledge and skills during adaptation.
  • Detailed description of competences required from fully competent employees, i.e. prerequisites for an excellent performance.
  • An indispensable helper for staff development assessment, their further training and promotion.

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