This is a shorter version of the employee opinion survey and it is focused exclusively on the evaluation of those areas that are directly related to the performance of employees. The evaluation is conducted by employees through a short questionnaire (containing 15 questions). It is designed in order to be able to identify areas of the company that mostly hinder its economic performance. Obtaining results not only for the whole company but also for its individual parts can be considered as high added value which allows to accurately identify problem areas. Another high added value is the interpretation of the results by an experienced adviser and the possibility of comparison of common results with the results in other organizations.

Efficiency and high explanatory power of the mini audit led to its use in assessing the power of workplaces and their certification.

What do you get?

  • Information on the state of your organization from the perspective of achieving high work performance.
  • Identification of strenghts and weaknesses of the company.
  • The results not only for the whole company, but also for its individual parts.
  • Comparison of your organization with other organizations.
  • A practical tool for the management and assessment of the company.

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