Client opinion survey / mystery client

The essence of sucessful functioning of an organization in business and non-business sphere is the satisfaction of its clients. This depends especially on offered product or service and approach. As well as you can control quality of production or service offer, it is possible to control quality of approach to clients.

For this purpose, surveys of opinions among the clients or so called „mystery client“ are used. The aim of both methods is to obtain feedback that will provide specific impulses for further development of pro-client approach in organization and prevention of possible dissatisfaction of clients.

Complex methodology of client audit offers a rich scale of tools that can be combined and further adjusted. It involves e.g. various forms of questionnaire surveys among clients, questionning clients about feedback providing or testing pro-client approach by certified evaluators directly in the concrete organization (without employees beeing informed about the evaluation). These undisclosed survey can take form of personal visit, phone contact or email consultation.

What do you gain?

  • Objective and very realistic view on satisfaction of your clients
  • Evaluation of behaviour and pro-client approach of your employees
  • List of measures whose implementation can lead to higher satisfaction of your clients and repeated purchases or business visits

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