Employee opinion survey

Opinion survey of all or selected sample of employees provides managers of the company relevant, structured and independent information about the situation in the company. Detailed results of the survey are presented in the form of analyse, including identification of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improvement. The results are presented not only to management but also to employees.

The survey is carried out using structured questionnaire – its full version contains 7 thematic areas which provides infomation about approximately 200 partial aspects of the company (e.g. effectiveness of specific elements of motivation, evaluation of effectiveness of communication channels, assessment of management, etc.). After the identification of needs of the client only the relevant areas of the questionnaire are selected, which are further adjusted according to its specifics. The survey provides an unique opportunity to obtain important information about the company in relatively short time (4-8 weeks – depending on the technical performance).

What you get?

  • Employee opinion survey on the individual areas of management of the company, remuneration, motivation and the company culture.
  • Improvement of the communication and the company culture (company awareness, support of communication beteween management and employees).
  • Strengthening of the loyalty of the employees in the company.
  • Information about the motivation of the employees.
  • Improvement of HR processes (e.g. selection of employees for training programmes, feedback providing).

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