Seminars and workshops for HR

Seminars and workshops provide a platform for mutual exchange of information and they represent a place for meeting of professionals from different companies. Therefore, we invite lectors to introduce you the news related to HR and remuneration and modern trends in this area.

What you get?

  • 3-times a year we organise 3-day workshops related to selected theme from the development and the management of HR, including the excursion to the chosen company.
  • You will be periodically informed abot the current trends and legislation changes in HR and labour economics that can help to the development of your company.
  • You can discuss with respected experts on the themes that interest you.
  • We will be at your disposal to provide you advice for labour issues, setting of personnel and payroll policy.
  • You wil learn about the operation of other companies and their methods of work.
  • You will get in touch with colleagues from the same field – in non-working atmosphere.

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