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Our vision is POWERFUL WORKPLACE as a premium brand clearly stating that at this very workplace there are people who want, can and know how to perform their best.

POWERFUL WORKPLACE has its character whose integral parts are endurance, efficiency, dynamics, decency, intelligence, creativity, foresight and co-operation

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How powerful is your workplace?

Workplace power depends on people and on utilizing their potential. Therefore it is possible to keep strengthening a workplace, however, just like in sports, first it is necessary to recognize its strengths and weaknesses. Our tool for workplace power assessment will help you reveal them.

Do you have a powerful workplace? Make use of it! 

Powerful workplace is attractive for top employees. Powerful workplace attracts customers. Powerful workplace is a reliable business partner. Confirm the power of your workplace and announce this both inside your company as well as outside. How? By a successful completion of a certification process that leads towards awarding a brand “Powerful workplace”, gaining a licence and tools for using this brand for your own promotion and presentation. Each powerful workplace concurrently becomes a partner of POWERFUL WORKPLACE programme, which interlinks and presents companies professing similar values, out of which DECENCY is at the top.

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