Effective Communication

    Learn how to estimate which communication strategy to choose when communicating with your colleagues. Learn how to avoid conflicts due to recognition of the fundamental barriers to effective communication in your team. To tell others what you need and to agree with them seems as very easy. Yet this skill figures in employers' requirements at the forefront. Why? Because we do not always manage it according to the current demands. The ability to communicate is due to its complexity one of the most complicated "soft" skills.

    Profil absolventa

    • can explain the differences in communication with colleagues and (internal) clients
    • understands the interdependence of good relationships and good communication,
    • is able to share information with colleagues by using a variety of communication channels,
    • knows the important factors that affect our communication,
    • controls techniques, which helps constructive communication in difficult situations.


    Obsah a struktura semináře

    • communication process, barriers and noise in communication, their elimination,
    • typology of communication partners by pri-mary personality traits
    • difficult moments in dealings with others,
    • typology Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
    • techniques of authorized and unauthorized opposition management and their training,
    • Selected assertive rights and techniques, creating assertive statements,
    • the principles of providing and receiving feedback.