Presentation skills

    How to captivate audience? How to handle stage fright and professionally and confidently perform in front of a group of people? The answer to these questions lies in a thorough and rigorous preparation. The training of presentation skills introduces participants to the basic principles that are important in the preparation of any presentation. Within two days, participants will learn how to prepare a presentation which meets the established purpose and objective. They will also develop their self-confidence in performing and improve their ability to attract and persuade the listeners.

    Profil absolventa

    • adopt a procedure of presentation preparation
    • understand the basic principles of the performing in front of audience
    • increase the ability to attract and persuade listeners
    • delete inappropriate habits related to the presentation
    • increase the ability to maintain control of own speech and audience reaction


    Obsah a struktura semináře

    • Preparation of presentation
    • The objectives and purpose of the presentation
    • Analysis of target group
    • Structure of the presentation by its purpose and goals
    • Introduction and conclusion of the presentation
    • Presenter's personality and behavior, positive and negative nonverbal communication signals
    • Verbal communication, voice work
    • Work with space, use of technology and visual aids (PC, projector, flipchart, whiteboard)
    • Elements that make the presentation clearer
    • Questions and managing objections
    • Training presentations
    • Individual feedback and creating a plan for further development