Audit and creation of wage and incentive systems

Fair and objective evaluation of staff is essential for healthy climate in any company because it is one of the most sensitive areas. Salaries and bonuses are significant motivating factors that have impact on fluctuation, loyalty, performance and reliability of employees. And this is especially true for fair and objective salaries. Our specialists will help you set up new or modify your existing motivation system, which will be economical and will guarantee internal as well as external equality and balance in relation to different work positions.

What do you gain?

  • We will carry out analysis of your current wage and incentive system and we will identify its weaknesses or problem areas.
  • In co-operation with you and taking into account performance of your company, we will propose measures, which will guarantee clear rules, transparency and fairness.
  • We will help you parameterize and implement the new system.
  • We are even able to simulate the impacts of the new wage system on your company´s economy and on individual employees.
  • Apart from this we are also able to work out a non-wage motivation system convenient for you and attractive for your employees. We will recommend a set of benefits for individual job categories and we will work out the rules for their drawing.
  • Audit of wage and incentive systems can be carried out individually, that means without a follow-up implementation of a new remuneration system.

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