How to use the wage comparison tool

What does the Wage comparison tool contain?

Wage comparison tool will enable you to compare gross monthly wage (median) and its range across individual economical sectors. Furthermore you can find here a basic description of given positions, their alternative names or number of people in a sample of companies from the given sector.

How to use information about wages?

Information about wage comparison are an important source-materials not only for the actual wage comparison of individual work positions and of employees but also for the subsequent creation of a new or for amendment of an existing motivation system and its successful implementation into company’s practice.

How to work with the tool?

1. step – at the opening page select an economic sector in which you are interested in. The tool currently contains eight selected sectors; other sectors will be gradually added.

2. step – at the next page you will see sample work positions from your chosen sector. The job description contains its usual name and its brief characteristics. In a frame on the right hand side of a monitor there is median gross monthly income and salary range (so called quartile range). For more detailed wage comparison across sectors, please click on Detailed information.

3. step – at the page with detailed information there are in the upper part of the report defined alternative names of the job (in case they exist), brief characteristics and its inclusion into employment classification CZ-ISCO. Then there is wage comparison among sectors in which the position is represented. The sectors are ranked in a descending way according to number of staff; your chosen sector is marked in colour. In the bottom part there is a wage and its range is defined in a well-arranged graphic form.

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